Family photography Prices

This is for small family (Father, Mother And Kids) only. $50 for each additional person.


    (3~4 person)


  • 11*14 Claire Frame
  • 4 Wallet Photo
  • Image CD(high res)
  • Digital Web Gallery(Download)
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    (6~8 person)


  • 16*20 Claire Frame
  • 8 Wallet Photo
  • Image CD(high res)
  • Digital Web Gallery(Download)
  • Contact Us


    (9~11 person)


  • 16*24 Claire Frame
  • 11 Wallet Photo
  • Image CD(high res)
  • Digital Web Gallery(Download)
  • Contact Us


    (more than 13)


  • 20*24 Claire Frame
  • 13 Wallet Photo
  • Image CD(high res)
  • Digital Web Gallery(Download)
  • Contact Us

Best Family photography in Sydney

Family photography available in Sydney is one of our most sought after photography packages. This is for a small family of mother, father, and kids. If you wish to add additional family members, there is an additional charge of $50 per person. Family photos are the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon together, particularly away from the TV.

The entire family will be excited at the opportunity to gather together at LookyLooky photography studio. Often some of your best family photos are going to be ones that are professionally done. At times, it can be difficult or time-consuming for you to gather family photos on your own. Often family won’t cooperate, but you can be assured that our LookyLooky photographers will make your family session fun and entertaining.

The entire family will have fun dressing up for their family photography session. You want your family to look their best so you can create great looking family photos.

Since family photos are a bit different than photographing a newborn or baby, as they involve an entire group, it’s recommended that your family coordinate their clothing in both style and colour. You’ll want to stick to simple outfits so that your photos don’t date too quickly. You’ll also want your family in either casual attire, or formal attire, not both.

Choose a central colour for the family to wear. For instance, black or navy, or tan. You don’t want to select bright colours for one child, as that will make them stand out. Try to have a nice balance of clothing colours. Avoid bold patterns and designs. Have each person lay out their clothing the night before your big LookyLooky photo shoot and see if everything clashes.

Ensure that clothing is ironed, and that shoes are spotlessly cleaned. You may spend a few minutes in tidying up children’s hair and arranging their clothing.

There are four different photography service packages to choose from. They each have varying products and photo frames or crystals. Before ordering, carefully decide on your purpose for the photos. Do you want to order enough to cover gifts throughout the year, or perhaps for a special winter holiday?

Each person in your family may want at least one or two copies of your special family photographs. And don’t forget the kids! Your kids will love to have their own photographs when they’re older. They’ll be able to look back and perhaps remember some of their younger years.

Most of the photo packages include CDs and downloads, so you can gather together all your photos in one spot, and can save them for sharing later.

There are other considerations to make too. Everyone should arrive at the LookyLooky photo studio freshly showered and hair done and styled. Makeup application should already be done.

If you have any questions about any of the LookyLooky photography services or packages, please give us a call today. We’d be happy to work with you at creating the perfect photography package to suit your family.